Love Square Lake, Big Marine, St. Croix River?

CMSCWD includes 17 miles of the St. Croix Riverway stretching from Stillwater Township to Scandia, as well as 31 lakes, three designated trout streams, and hundreds of acres of wetlands. The four largest lakes in the district – Big Marine, Big Carnelian, Little Carnelian, and Square Lake – are in the Top 10 list of cleanest metro area lakes. There are also thousands of acres of high quality, undeveloped habitat in the region.

Where should the district focus limited time and money in the coming decade?

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Canoeing on Big Marine Lake

Car loaded and canoe strapped firmly to the roof, I paced around the house waiting for my three-year old to wake up from an epic nap. “It figures,” I muttered to my husband, “Most days he won’t nap at all, but the one time I want to go canoeing he’s still asleep at 6pm!” Loudly,…

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Save the fish, then eat them

Public service announcements are being targeted to mobile devices near popular water bodies in Washington County to catch the attention of visitors, as well as local residents.

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