Green days on a summer lake – and that’s not a good thing

Algae blooms in Carver Lake and other urban lakes are usually caused by too much phosphorus flowing into the water from sidewalks, streets, and parking lots.

Help to keep our lakes blue by sweeping dirt and yard waste off of your sidewalk, driveway and curb-line throughout the year and adopting your local storm drain:

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Dead fish and green water?

Explanations for recent phenomena observed in Forest Lake In recent weeks, several people have contacted the Comfort Lake-Forest Lake Watershed District (CLFLWD) to report fish kills and algal growth observed in Forest Lake. Read on to learn what’s behind these recent phenomena. Fish Kill: After conversation with the Minnesota DNR, watershed district staff have concluded…

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A clear path ahead for Moody Lake

Comfort Lake – Forest Lake Watershed District rounds out multi-year project with fall alum treatment In 1871, Elof and Eva Modig migrated to the United States from Sweden, purchased land near a small lake in southern Chisago County (at $1.25 an acre) and settled down to build a house and begin farming wheat. Over the…

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