After 100 years underground, Phalen Creek will finally see the light

Lower Phalen Creek Project, a Native-Led, East Side environmental organization, has secured $2.8 million in funding from the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council to begin daylighting Phalen Creek.

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Brown’s Creek Watershed District to work with Oak Glen Golf Course on a new Clean Water project

There are three main goals for the Oak Glen stormwater reuse project. The first is to keep warm stormwater out of Brown’s Creek. The second is to keep phosphorus and sediment out of Brown’s Creek and the St. Croix River. In addition, this project will allow Oak Glen Golf Course to reduce the amount of groundwater it pumps for irrigation.

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Meandering in the woods

There is an art to meandering in the woods. For Trout Brook and other naturalized streams, the “wiggles” allow for different types of habitat that fish need.

Sometimes people need a pause to wander in the woods as well.

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